Updated September 2016
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Alaska Air Group serves 116 destinations with 990 daily departures in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica and soon Cuba. This includes 44 markets flown by Horizon Air, which provides feed traffic to Alaska Airlines under a capacity purchase agreement.

With hubs in Anchorage, Alaska, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon; Alaska calls Seattle home. The carrier offers more nonstop flights from Seattle than any other carrier. 

Alaska Air Group
Average daily departures by major region
Major Regions Average Daily Departures*
Lower 48 States 740
Alaska 104
Canada 19
Hawaii 22
Mexico 16


Average daily departures by major market
Major Markets Average Daily Departures
Seattle 287
Los Angeles Area** 65
San Francisco Bay Area*** 55
Anchorage, Alaska 46
Portland, Oregon 124


* Figures represent June 2016 - May 2017 daily averages.
** Los Angeles Area includes Los Angeles, Burbank, Ontario and Orange County.
*** San Francisco Bay Area includes San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland.

Capacity by region for year ending December 2015 - Alaska Airlines
The information below indicates the percentage of Alaska Air Group's available seat miles (ASMs) used in the airline's primary markets. It does not include ASMs for charter flights.
Market % of total ASMs
Alaska 15%
Northern California 7%
Southern California 15%
Hawaii 18%
Mexico 6%
Mid-continental 10%
Mountain region 10%
Trans-continental 15%
Feeder / Pacific Northwest 5%

Source: Company data