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We stand for racial equity and justice.

Alaska Airlines is committed to advancing racial equity in all forms; and believes that aviation can enable opportunity. Learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; and our goals for a more equitable future, below.

Our DEI Goals

Representation: By 2025, the racial diversity of our leadership will reflect the diversity of our frontline employees. Today we have 30%+ racial diversity within our frontline and manager levels compared to 16% racial diversity within our leadership levels. Our greatest opportunity is to increase the diversity of our leadership levels to reflect the diversity of our broader employee population.

We will increase racial diversity at all levels to at least 30% by:

  • Updating our recruiting strategies to diversify our talent pool.
  • Supporting the education pipeline that enables career pathways for diverse talent within aviation.
  • Creating leadership development and sponsorship programs that help us attract and retain more diverse talent.

Culture: By 2025, we will increase our company’s “Inclusion Index Score” in our employee engagement survey by 10 points, reflecting our commitment to cultivate a truly inclusive culture where everyone feels like they belong. Our work will involve our Business Resource Groups, who play a critical role in helping our leaders to better support our people. Through DEI training, we will create awareness, educate and reinforce policies that support equity and inclusion.

Public Leadership: By 2025, we will help create career pathways for at least 175,000 young people. We will do this by continuing to support programs like the UNCF, which empower and enable opportunity through a lens of racial equity. We will use our voice and platforms humbly, knowing that we continue to learn and grow in partnership with community-based organizations dedicated to education and racial equity.


We are on a journey to make Alaska Airlines a place where everyone belongs and has opportunity. 

They are part of a 138-feet-long, 41-feet-high piece of art that will fly in Alaska’s fleet for up to 10 years to symbolize Alaska’s own equity journey and our collective commitment to education in partnership with organizations like UNCF.

To be a Black travel professional in today’s industry still comes with microaggressions and bias even in 2021. 

Long before Beyoncé brought Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to center stage at Coachella, experiences alike were cultivated by trailblazers centuries before and continue toward a more equitable future.

We are on a journey to advance racial equity for our employees, our guests, our community and our society. And we have made progress. Over the last year, guided by listening to our employees, we deepened our focus and work...

This week we are thrilled to welcome James Thomas, an exceptional leader who will help lead Alaska Airlines in delivering on our commitments and goals as director of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Cultivating a culture of belonging and connection is a prime focus at Alaska Airlines. Whether it’s safely connecting people across the world or within our company through employee business resource groups. ABEA, Alaska’s Black Business Resource Group, is a space for Black employees—and all people of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air—to be themselves, lead and thrive. BRGs are critical in helping inform important business decisions where relevant and drive diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Alaska Airlines is heartbroken to see the alarming rise in violence against the Asian American Pacific Islander community. Our Asian American Pacific Islander guests and employees are living in fear and experiencing great pain from these racist acts and rhetoric. We denounce this behavior and are actively working to ensure Alaska is a place where everyone feels safe and welcome. We are driven by our values of being kind-hearted and doing the right thing. We will continue to embrace and care for the AAPI community and advance racial equity in the sky and on the ground.


Pilots Kat and Kisa agree the path to becoming a pilot is not always linear, and the aviation industry still has work to do to reach gender and racial equity. As a company, we celebrate their unwavering tenacity, achievements and paving the way for women alike in the industry every day, especially today, International Women’s Day.


We’re dedicated to driving real and lasting change to create a more equitable and fair future for all, no matter your race or identity. Learn more about our measurable racial equity goals.

Black history isn’t just a month-long reflection and celebration, it’s pivotal year-round. We love highlighting and sharing the remarkable stories of our Black employees, like Travion Smith, a ground service agent & team captain for Horizon Air in Seattle.

Hilda Shepherd’s mother joined 250,000 people in front of the Lincoln Memorial to hear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. “It’s something that will be a legacy in my family,” she said. “For as long as I live, I’ll show up and keep spreading his message.”

We’re celebrating women who love what they do at Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air – three of whom know our planes inside and out in San Francisco.


Our airline’s roots run deep in the state of Alaska. For more than 88 years, we’ve been a lifeline for many Alaska Natives by flying necessary essentials for their everyday life. We value this relationship and would also like to honor all diverse Native communities in which we serve and fly within North America, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Our Pride continues to fly, even in a year when we can’t celebrate like before. We loved...

8 ways Alaska Airlines is committed to making travel more accessible Alaska Airlines believes travel is for everyone. Learn how we’re making flying and our workplace more accessible.

Check out some of our favorite destinations that embody, contribute to and are influenced by Hispanic culture.

We stand with our Black employees and guests. We live our values to do the right thing and be kind-hearted. Today, we share our commitments to racial justice and look ahead to our next steps to advance equity.

Starting Sept. 1, we’re showcasing films on board that celebrate a wide range of diverse stories from leading West Coast film festivals.


This month, we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage month – honoring cultures and traditions as varied as those from Tonga to Indonesia to China and Japan. Alaska has always strived to cultivate a workplace where different points of view are welcomed.

Yesterday, CEO Brad Tilden sent the following message to Alaska’s 23,000 employees. We wanted to share it with you.

We’re celebrating women who love what they do at Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air – three of whom know our planes inside and out in San Francisco.

Oahu’s Nainoa Thompson has spent his life pursuing far-fetched adventures. Sailing across the Pacific in a traditional double-­hulled canoe, named Hokulea, open to the elements, using the wind and stars for direction?

Captain Robert Hunt is known for being approachable, calm, patient and empathetic about the challenges of becoming an airline pilot.

Designed for first-time flyers, guests traveling with children, unaccompanied minors and those with cognitive and developmental disabilities, including autism, the Fly for All app will help ease the anxiety of air travel by walking guests through the steps they’ll follow when getting ready to fly.

Alaska Airlines’ first all-women, African American crew share their experiences in their aviation careers – and tell young women who aspire to be pilots that they see exciting changes on the horizon.

Legions of employees channel their experiences helping loved ones with disabilities – or navigating the workplace with their own – into events and education that improve the air travel experience for all.

ClimbHI – a Honolulu nonprofit that helps students explore careers in tourism – is just one of the community organizations that the Alaska Airlines Foundation is investing in to enable young people to reach new possibilities.

Alaska Airlines and Los Angeles World Airports collaborated this June on the “Ability to Fly” event, which allowed 71 individuals with disabilities and their families to experience air travel before booking an actual flight.

For people who worry about the costs of pilot training, many scholarships are available. Check out a few of the organizations that are helping cover costs for aspiring young aviators.

At Alaska, gender diversity starts at the top and extends beyond the boardroom.

When we foster an inclusive environment, it makes us stronger.

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