Updated January 2017

Alaska Air Cargo operates the most extensive air cargo operation on the U.S. West Coast of any passenger airline. The combined team of Alaska Air Group Cargo Services covers more than 85 cities from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Barrow, Alaska; Boston to the Hawaiian Islands, and beyond.

Alaska Airlines is now the only passenger airline in the US with dedicated cargo planes. Alaska's first 737-700 freighter comes into service in early 2017 and two more will follow later in the year. The new fleet will offer more flexibility and capability across our network, with more service to Alaskan communities, new routes between Seattle and Alaska, and connectivity to more than 100 other destinations. Learn more at

Fun Facts
  • Alaska Air Cargo will ship virtually anything to more than 85 destinations.
  • Annually Alaska Air Cargo ships over 170 million pounds of cargo, including seafood, mail and freight.
  • More than 21 million pounds of fresh Alaska seafood are transported each year from fishing towns throughout Alaska to markets and restaurants across the country.
  • Alaska currently operates both all-cargo and combi (part cargo/part passenger) aircraft.
  • In 2017, the combis will exit the fleet and be replaced by three 737-700 freighters. The customized aircraft will be able to accommodate larger, oversized items and have a maximum payload of 40,000 pounds. The change to an all-freighter cargo fleet will allow Alaska Air Cargo to better serve the state of Alaska. The -700s are more fuel efficient and can fly more than 1,000 nautical miles beyond the range of the -400s.
737-700 freighter